On display

On display

Odyssey – a Journey in Art


The exhibition, compiled from the Swanljung collection, reflects the collector’s journey in art. The exhibition features American, Nordic and Finnish works of art. The exhibition celebrates the donation of the collection to the City of Vaasa.

Marita Liulia: Mysterium


Firecrackers I-II (2018)

Marita Liulia’s (born 1957) exhibition Mysterium displays the latest works by the multifaceted artist. In recent years, paintings have gained a bigger role in Liulia’s artistic production, though she is best-known for works breaking and combining different genres of art. Her works have been exhibited in 50 different countries.

Tokyo Pavilion (2019) installation is displayed for the first time in Finland as a whole. Earlier it has been seen in the Spiral Wacoal Art Center in Japan in January 2019. In Japan Liulia continued to work with the paintings of the installation with the audience present and partly in co-operation with them. This process continues also in Vaasa.

Tokyo Pavilion (2019), Spiral Wacoal Art Center

Paintings Sailing Through Fireworks (2019) and First Snow (2017) represent Liulia’s latest works. Both create a dialogue between the art of painting and forces of nature. Garden (2018) represents artist’s experimental use of materials, which does not follow all the traditional rules of painting, but searches the unknown instead.

In addition to painting, the exhibition presents several films created and directed by Marita Liulia. In Return of the Goddess (2016) and Swan Song (2017) she has worked with dancers and musicians to create pieces that break the boundaries between different genres of art. Teea (2016) is an intimate continuation to the photograph series Coral Self-Portrait (2015), in which the artist hides and puts herself on display at the same time.

Sailing Through Fireworks (2019)

New documentary film Mysterium (2019) supplements the exhibition and opens the mysterium of Marita Liulia’s artistic work and personal creative process. In her own words:

To me mysterium means a mystery or secret, something alien, a baffling connection with the unknown, the unpredictable world.

This approach opens those attitudes and locks that make facing something unknown problematic. Artist’s work can have an important role in tearing down prejudices and hate – themes that are extremely actual in contemporary world.

Marita Liulia is one of the best-known Finnish artists internationally. She made her breakthrough in the 1990s as a multimedia artist with pieces like Ambitious Bitch (1996) and Son of a Bitch (1999).

Marita Liulia was conferred an Order of the Lion – Pro Finlandia Medal in 2018. This following year has been especially active. Kuntsi’s Mysterium is the last part in a series of three exhibitions, following displays in Didrichsen Art Museum in Helsinki and Laukko Manor House in Vesilahti. The book Mysterium (2019) compliments the exhibition series.