On display

On display

The Inner Eye


The Inner Eye, opening on 20th of September at Tikanoja Art Museum, focuses on clairvoyance in the art of the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The exhibition is curated by PhD Nina Kokkinen, and it is largely based on her doctoral thesis.

Occultism and esoteric movements achieved great popularity in the late 19th century. Many people believed that the sixth sense and the inner eye of the soul made it possible to perceive levels of reality that would normally remain unseen.

The theme intrigued also many artists of the period, including Akseli Gallen-Kallela, Ellen Thesleff, Pekka Halonen and Hugo Simberg. They were inspired by theosophy, spiritualism, freemasonry, and the study of psychic phenomena, which came to be known later as parapsychology.

The exhibition is produced in collaboration with Gallen-Kallela Museum in Espoo’s Tarvaspää.

Image: Hugo Simberg: Poppy, 1896. Ostrobothnian Museum / The Karl Hedman Collection. Photo: Erkki Salminen.