Vaasa City Art Gallery

Vaasa City Art Gallery

‼️ Vaasa City Art Gallery is temporarily closed. We’ll inform about opening later.

Vaasa City Art Gallery is a space for changing exhibitions located on the ground floor of Vaasa City Hall. Admission to the Art Gallery is free, and it is easy to pop in while roaming about the city centre. There is a small selection of books, cards and museum shop products for sale in the lobby of the art gallery.

Each year, Vaasa City Art Gallery arranges six or seven exhibitions where new art forms or experimental art, interfaces of visual culture, design, architecture and current cultural phenomena are presented.  Exhibitions based on the Vaasa City Museums’ own collections focus on themes presenting and enhancing the culture and urban identity of Vaasa.

Some of the exhibitions at Vaasa City Art Gallery are organised on the basis of an annual open call for artists. For more information on the open call, see Suggestions for exhibitions.

The Photo Gallery Ibis operates in conjuction with Vaasa City Art Gallery.