Regional Operations and Official Functions

Regional operations and official functions


Vaasa City Museums serve as the regional art museum and the provincial museum for Ostrobothnia. The area of operation covers the region of Ostrobothnia, the municipalities of Isokyrö, Karijoki and Teuva and, in addition to these, Central Ostrobothnia, which is home to a regional art museum.

The tasks entrusted to the regional art museum and the provincial museum include planning, implementing and developing art and the cultural environment (cultural landscape, historical remains and the architectural heritage) within its area of responsibility. The provincial museum is responsible for regulatory tasks relating to the cultural environment in collaboration with the Finnish Heritage Agency and for steering local museum activities in the area of operation. Responsibility for Underwater Cultural Heritage in Finland lies with the Finnish Heritage Agency.



The provincial museum provides opinions on land use and building from the perspective of preserving and enhancing cultural environments. Requests for opinions concerning the cultural environment or enquiries about the need for an opinion should be sent to



Cultural environment experts advise and comment with respect to applying for grants concerning their area, and monitor their use.


Regional art:

Jaakko Linkamo, Regional Art Museum Researcher


Cultural environment and local museums:

Kaj Höglund, Provincial Museum Researcher

Outi Orhanen, Building Researcher

Pentti Risla, Provincial Archaeologist